North Central Counties Consortium
North Central Counties Consortium    1110 Civic Center Blvd. Suite 402 A    Yuba City, CA   95993    530.822.7145    7-1-1 CA Relay Service for TTY Users
NCCC is an equal opportunity employer/program.
Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.
North Valley Workforce Alliance, Inc.

Colusa One Stop Partnership
Colusa County One Stop

Glenn County Health & Human Services
Glenn County One Stop

Sutter County Superintendent of Schools
Sutter County One Stop

Yuba County Office of Education
Yuba County One Stop

NCCC Industry Clusters of Opportunity 2010-2015
Capitol Region Industry Clusters of Opportunity 2010-2015
Our goal is "to provide our business customer with the highest quality business services and a well-prepared
self sufficient workforce.”

The North Central Counties Consortium Governing Board,  Workforce Development Board (WDB) and One Stop Centers understand that in order to generate employment opportunities the local area must have a stable and prosperous business community. Business services are interdependent with job seeker services; therefore, hold the highest level of priority.
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Governing Board

Workforce Development Board

NCCC Orientation

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2017 NCCC Workforce and Governing Board Meetings
2017-2020 Local and Capital Area Regional Strategic Plans
NCCC Awarded Disability Employment Accelerator (DEA) Grant Funds
NCCC is a proud partner of America's Job Center of CaliforniaSM network
One Stop
Career Centers
Northern California Rapid Response Roundtable nhs prescription charges viagra female viagra rejected by fda viagra 20mg vs viagra